Heaven Scent


Heaven Scent

With no wall or door or fence,
the wilds a new experience,
when morning dawns, he’s off his chain
and free in nature once again.

From chair to chair and tent to tent,
He follows lovely trails of scent.
He’s on the trail of cat or rabbit—
hoping he might find and grab it.

Like movies scribed during the night,
they tell their tales of darkened flight.
He sees the various routes they chose
in pictures captured by his nose.

Humans cannot know or feel
the intricacies scents reveal.
He follows everywhere they went,
finding aromas heaven-sent.




The prompt word today was “scent.”


9 thoughts on “Heaven Scent

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Good take on today’s prompt. I really like this poem, especially “on the trail of cat or rabbit hoping he can might and grab it.”
    Sorry you lost your Frida. (I wasn’t keeping up very well reading posts over Christmas.) Thank God time does dull the pain or we’d all be aching all the time. And as Edgar Guest so aptly wrote (Since Jessie Died), a new appreciation for life comes out of grief.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      He is pretty happy. He has become a people junkie. Can’t be more that a few inches away from anyone within range. He is always where I am if he can get to me! Tricky because there are ticks here! Constantly checking him for them. He’s getting lots of attention. A number of kind souls have taken him for walks and one lady traded 2 dogsitting sessions for a pair of earrings at my open studio. Ha!!



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