Loving Lee

Loving Lee

She was not the easiest one
to be around, but she was fun.
Her wit was sharp, also her tongue.
And yet, I counted her among
those dearest if not nearest to me.
It was she who chose to woo me
with books she thought me ready for
filled with strange and heady lore
of living by my intuition
through which I came to my fruition.
My whole life was changing then,
Buscaglia and Jung and zen.
I’d moved west and changed my thinking,
took up pot and gave up drinking,
decided that my thoughts on men
needed revising. Only then
did life straighten out for me—
and part of it was meeting Lee.
She read my poems, studied my art.
I dodged her tongue and won her heart.
As she won mine; yet other friends
rejected her sincere amends,
’til I was one of two or three
who chose to let our friendship be.
Yes. It was, I must confess,
because I saw her less and less.
When I moved off to Mexico,
our intercourse was rare and slow.
The one last trip I took her on,
quickly, truth began to dawn.
Her memory span had grown so thin
that barely did a thought begin
before it came around again
to the place where we’d just been.
Sometimes our world leaves bit by bit
until we are well rid of it
Not so the friends who leave us slow.
We still aren’t ready to let them go.
My world was better for loving Lee,
but with these lines, I set her free.

The WordPress prompt today was lovingly. I chose a slightly different approach to the word.

11 thoughts on “Loving Lee

  1. Tamara Alaine Mitchell

    I guess we have all know a “Lee”. Mine really was/is a Lee, but I set her free rather quickly. She had other friends who still saw her as charming, while I felt used and abused. Hers is not a sharp tongue, but a manipulative snakely charm that sends people off to do her bidding while she sits eating bon-bons like a queen. I’m glad you could keep the good in focus and maybe it was best not to be too close so you could still be distant friends and not see her decline.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      She was my friend for almost 30 years! That amazes me. She lived in Marin County and I lived in L.A. when I first met her, then moved to Boulder Creek and eventually to Mexico. I had asked her and her daughter to come visit many times, but by the time she said she wanted to come, I could tell she was in the advanced stages of Alzheimer’s and I just couldn’t take the responsibility. I went to the states and took her on a vacation up to Mendocino, instead. It was the last time I ever saw her…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lifelessons Post author

        Interesting, Mary. Definitely a double-edged friendship. One day I’ll tell the story of our meeting.. but not today. Off to Melaque to get wine and change for a group reading on Thurs. and to stock up on groceries and meds..


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