Life and Death at the Beach

Life and Death at the Beach

With babies, every day is an education. This little story was acted out when we went to Tenacatita beach for the day. Down the beach, a tragedy was being enacted as a group worked to resuscitate a drowned man.  Seconds after I viewed this touching scene as two mothers deal with the interaction between their babies, we realized what was happening in the background and we went down to see if we could be of aid.  The oxygen I’d gone back to the house to get at the last minute before we left for the beach was of no aid to them, however, as though they worked diligently on the man and got his heart beating again, they never were able to get him to breathe on his own.  One tragedy, one story of new life.  This cycle is never more obvious than on the beach, but never before so graphically as depicted on this day. To see the happier story, you must click on the first photo.  All photos will enlarge and be presented as a slideshow, complete with words.

The prompt word today was baby.

8 thoughts on “Life and Death at the Beach

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Ann. And we came home from this to attend a beautiful memorial for a friend that evening–a dear man who divided his time between Taos, Arizona and La Manzanilla. All-in-all, a bittersweet day.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I have always loved that beach, but the entire day was off a bit, except for watching the baby and the puppy. I sorta feel like I dont’ want to go back there again now. Probably won’t this trip. Maybe I’ll be over it by next year.


      1. Mary Francis McNinch

        That happened to us when we were leaving Galveston the day after Thanksgiving. We drove by the scene of a drowning. Police cars and people experiencing gut wrenching grief. We went back over New Years and passed that spot every time we went to eat or whatever. Kip and I mentioned how chilling it was each time.



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