Many folks are fearing the center will not hold.
Our unity is broken, our future has been sold.
But the ways of nature are complex and manifold.
And when the final stories of mankind have been told,
of how we “bested nature” by trying to break its mold,
when all our quests have ended, both for glory and for gold;
 we won’t be its ending, but just another fold
whose exploits lay beneath the earth, written in the mold—
of how we “tamed” an environment that was too brash and bold,
wrapping it in hydrocarbons, conquering the cold.

The prompt word today was “center.”


6 thoughts on “Centering

  1. Olga

    We’ll be “just another fold” reminds me of all the layers of different ancient civilizations laying hidden in the earth, yet to be discovered, if ever. Interesting thoughts in your poetry, Judy. ❤


  2. Leland Olson Hoel

    The powers that be have tried to screw with the center. They just woke them from a slumber. They will soon find out, massive strength and resolve make up the core. The first lesson starts tonight. The robber barons haven’t seen nothing yet. Changing to a toned down game plan won’t sell, after you made them mad as hell.
    I think this is what you were trying to say at the start of your poem, in a polite poetic way.

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