dVerse Poets Quadrille: Silent Spring


Silent Spring

The best thing to remember to relieve a snowstorm’s sting
is that when there is no winter, there can’t be any spring.

And yet I must admit to you, I have not any qualms
about spending all my winters at the ocean, beneath palms!


15 thoughts on “dVerse Poets Quadrille: Silent Spring

  1. frankhubeny

    I spent a couple of semesters in Mexico long ago and got to experience what seemed like a year without seasons, at least to me. The locals may have noticed a difference, however, but whatever they noticed it was nothing have having snow melt followed by the newness of a fresh spring breeze.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Good thing different people want different things or we’d all be piled up in one spot. I guess I wouldn’t mind snow so much if I didn’t have to go out in it!


  2. Bev

    Once upon a time I spent 5 years where there was no Winter, no Spring. I longed for the change of seasons….BUT a couple of winter months spent under palm trees , then home by Spring is a good plan!



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