Keyboard Athlete


Keyboard Athlete

Not a great sportswoman—champion of none.
I sport a camera when having my fun.
My skill is not measured in baskets or bases.
I score my points while clicking at faces.

Though I’m not the most physical person you’ll meet,
I do exercise caution when crossing the street.
My main lack of muscle tone’s merely because
My pushup experience is mainly in bras.

As you vault over hurdles and excel at tennis,
the extensions I do are less of a menace.
Though I’m not an expert at sprinting or jogging,
my fingers are well-toned through everyday blogging.

 The prompt word today was “champion.”

11 thoughts on “Keyboard Athlete

  1. ReVitellect

    “My main lack of muscle tone’s merely because
    My pushup experience is mainly in bras.” Best part. ;D

    Nice poem. Relatable. Not sure what was going on in the last line, but otherwise, liked it overall. 😀 Nice work.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. ReVitellect

        Oh wait. Did you edit the end by any chance? I swear I saw something different before. Haha. ‘Cause the last line I’m seeing now is clear cut. Maybe my bad. Thanks though! 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

      2. lifelessons Post author

        I misread all the time, or put my reply to one person’s post in another person’s blog. It gets complicated if you are reading your messages on the notification column. I don’t think I’d edited that line, but i’m always editing when I see mistakes after posting so no one’s fault that we can determine and why would we want to anyway? I’m just glad you read my blog and commented. ;o)


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