Washingtonian Palm Flower Bundle: Flower of the Day, Apr 16, 2017



Alas, cut short in their youth before they could litter my pool and clog up my drain.



7 thoughts on “Washingtonian Palm Flower Bundle: Flower of the Day, Apr 16, 2017

  1. Barbara

    We have these overhanging our pool too, they are very abundant, alas the tree is much to high for us to remove before they drop into the pool clogging up the works. Fabulous photo.

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      1. Anna sime

        Who are these men? I have one of those palms and it makes a mess. I always want to cut down the palm. My terrace and patio and pool and I suffer during the many many blossoms it produces. I do, however, love the photo. Perhaps a nice little papaya could take its place.

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      2. lifelessons Post author

        I have five papayas producing fruit nearby but for some reason, unlike their parents and grandparent trees I’ve been getting fruit from for 15 years, the papayas are not sweet! These men are amazing. Professional, neat, on time. The Chapala Tree Service, 331 411 0242. Roberto Delgado Garcia is the owner. They’ve been doing my tree work for 10 years. Always happy with their work. A well-oiled machine.


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