Sifting Time



Version 3

Sifting Time

Suspended between her life and her death,
she measures the intervals from breath to breath,
noting the bed cover’s sinking and lift,
wondering when life will set her adrift.

After a lifetime of effortless health,
she is surprised by the contrasting stealth
and the strength of the grip of what waits at her ending,
no matter what care friends may take in her tending.

As the sands of her life escape through her fingers,
she treasures each grain that stubbornly lingers.
She cannot give up. She has to hold on
until the last grain is fallen and gone.

All of those pleasures that cling to her past
are pleasures now gone. Such pleasures don’t last.
Her life like a book, pages grown stiff with age—
it grows harder and harder to turn the next page.

Her life has turned gritty––a pain and a pleasure.
Each grain that remains both a curse and a treasure.
Afraid to give up what she has for what’s next,
she can’t see the ending. She can’t read the text.

There is no escape and there isn’t a cure,
and though every day goes by in a blur,
yet these last scraps of life still act as a lure
not to give up on life. To simply endure.

The prompt today is curiously similar to yesterday’s.  It is “adrift.”

9 thoughts on “Sifting Time

  1. Relax...

    A deeply touching poem. What if the final fall is only, like birth, into waiting, welcoming arms — something that, like a fetus, we can’t anticipate until it happens? If I err, I err on that side, simply because I have been loved here, welcomed here, and because I’ve been able to return those blessed favors of life in one way or another. Surely, someone loving and welcoming invented all that for us. Some gestate longer than others here, in the womb of the earth, maybe sometimes simply because they want to, for they are that grateful for the gifts of life and know how to use them and how to share them. Like you do. 🙂


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Minutes after I posted this, I ran my car head-on into a brick wall. I think it is totalled, but luckily I am not. I have bruises all over my body and can barely move, but X-rays showed no spinal damage. No control over these things that happen but we can be fortunate re/ the results. I’m in bed for 5 days now. Waiting for insurance adjustor. I was not the person in today’s poem, but I guess actions prove the truth of my last two poems.

      Liked by 1 person

        1. lifelessons Post author

          It’s funny, because I was thinking during my last two posts that people are going to think I’m dying. I even put a disclaimer on the second poem, and then I went out immediately and had this accident.

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