Snipped Snafu


Has this Raquet Club employee watching my car being towed away  been in the pool yet today?  jdbphoto

I can’t imagine the snafus I must be making every time I speak Spanish.  Oftentimes, it is the thing that breaks the ice and opens up the laughter. So it is with this translation of an otherwise unexciting Raquet Club quarterly report to members that I received in an email today.  I quote:

  • Since May 1, club workers are cleaned by the pool. The Board of Directors has noted that this measure has made it possible for the pool to have fewer leaves and less cloudy water. 

What an excellent further use of the pool, but seems like it would create more leaves and cloudier water as surely some soap must be involved as well, don’t you think? And one would think the workers themselves would protest.

Now, please send me your own  “snafus to share” in the comments below:

11 thoughts on “Snipped Snafu

  1. rugby843

    Me too, hope you’re better today. I would send snafus of which I have many, but memory tends to fade them! Oh here’s one from yeats ago: a college friend of my husband’s used to stay with us when he came to town. The last time he put black shoe polish in a huge spot on the sheets. I was pissed! So the kids overheard me tell my husband I was done with him using us as a free hotel. In my defense this was not his only discourtesy. At dinner that night, my oldest asked him if he was the guy who was using us as a free hotel…..omg! I think he didn’t hear my son because as usual, he loudly monopolized the conversation. 😂

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  2. hirundine608

    Snafu … “situation normal all fucked up” is frequently heard and read. A military expression? Covers a multitude of sins. Was this snafu, because of cramps? Because if so? You may consider taking magnesium as a supplement? I used to get leg cramps at night. Since taking magnesium, a couple of times a week, they’ve disappeared. Consider, that this cramp might have been your heart? It’s a large muscle. Magnesium is mostly stripped from our diets. Sea salt, is both sodium and magnesium. Refined sea salt has the magnesium stripped leaving just sodium. Sodium is supposedly a factor for high blood pressure? When I take my magnesium, in water, I add a drop of iodine to help protect the thyroid.Both are derived from sea water. Cheers Jamie.

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  3. hirundine608

    Thing I could never figure? Is how that is read. Is it saying this is the normal state of things? Normal is all FU? Or is the situation normal then it gets screwed? Hmmm? I could never really follow it. It might take a military mind to explain? Cheers Jamie



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