Big Spender

Big Spender

If a kiss were legal tender
I know those of either gender
who in the midst of a big bender
would be labeled a big spender.
And though they’re comely, fit and slender,
and may have many a staunch defender,
if I’m looking for a lender,
I’d prefer a less-used vendor.


The prompt today is “tender.”

9 thoughts on “Big Spender

    1. lifelessons Post author

      No. I just go through the alphabet. Sometimes if I get to the end of the poem and need one last rhyme, I’ll go on the internet, but not initially. I like it to be more organic than research.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It was a kissing sculpture in Galerias del Triunfo. My favorite weird store, chocbloc full of strange things. The kisser (or kissee?) is my friend Audrey. We have to make a run here every few months. It is HUGE–three floors. Every time it is almost all new stuff. I’ve never made it out without buying something. Usually, it includes an umbrella–ha. I’m always loaning them to strangers and not getting them back.

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