Jammin’ with Siri

I was just jamming with Siri, the personal assistant on my iPhone.  When I started to get personal, this was her answer:

Me: How old are you, Siri?

Siri:  “I am as old as the east wind and as young as a newborn caterpillar.”

When I asked her again, this is what she said:



I swear.  This happened.  Wish I’d thought to photograph her more poetic first response.

4 thoughts on “Jammin’ with Siri

  1. hirundine608

    Like the camera’s that can be switched on, without our knowledge. The so-called assistants. Whether Google, Siri, or Samsung or a plethora of upcoming AI, listen all the time. All part of an ongoing assault on our privacy. I do not turn mine on. Yet I am sure as well as many others, that the conversations are now monitored 24/7. …. sigh! Cheers Jamie.



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