No Spammers!

No Spammers

Welcome to my life, my dear. You’re most welcome to meddle
if in fact you do not have anything to peddle.
I do not want insurance or stocks or Ponzi schemes.
Such obvious exploitation is not the stuff of dreams.
I do not need more objects to set upon a shelf
unless what you are peddling is simply you, yourself.

Emoticons are not my friends. Skip LOL’s or memes.
Such mass communication avoids intimacy, it seems.
Spamming should be limited to sandwiches or plates.
Such sins of modern culture are things this blogger hates.
If you want to seduce me, drink to  me with thine eyes.
Do not use the pickup lines used by other guys.

A sincere sense of humor and intelligence will do.
All the modern gimmicks are what you should eschew
if you seek to impress me and win my heart as well.
If you want your just desserts–sales pitches will not jell.
Only sincere affection and perhaps a winsome smile
will win you that devotion which cannot be won by guile.



The prompt today was meddle. (Image downloaded from the Internet.)

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