All of us will be bereaved
unless we are first to be sheaved
by that great harvester of all
who severs life, bringing our fall.
Life was not meant to grieve away.
One’s own life is too much to pay
in mourning one who’s gone before.
Life should be lived with one great roar,
not whimpering for what’s been taken.
Life is our one chance to awaken.
Each day gives us new reason for
choosing to walk out our front door.
Though we may feel what’s past is best,
why not experience the rest?



The prompt today was relieved.

7 thoughts on “Relieved

  1. updownflight

    Your poem is quite inspirational for me, especially now so soon after the loss of my nephew and not too long after the loss of my pet. I am struggling with continuing bereavement, but I won’t let it tear me down.


  2. hirundine608

    Remi, I am okay with a little whimpering. One needs to live in the moment, is my practice. Even in my efforts. Neither too much, nor too little. Always aware of the spirit within my heart. Be here now. Cheers Jamie.


  3. Anya Padyam

    Beautiful poem! And, as a first time visitor of your blog, it is indeed very inspiring and touching. I have struggled with grief – loss of loved ones. And, I try to embrace celebration of life, but don’t always succeed.

    warmest wishes

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Yes. Didn’t want it to project that we shouldn’t grieve– just that it is a loss of your own life as well to let that grieving take over the rest of your life. So glad you understood what I intended.



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