Silly Words

Silly Words

Bumbershoots and pollywogs, gorp and whirlybird—
Why are the words we choose to coin sometimes so absurd?

Why does one word sound sillier than others we might use?
Why are some sounds more serious while others just amuse?

Why do some get tummy ache blocking their digestion,
while others simply get the flu? It is a puzzling question.

One names the problem. That is all. No words that might confuse.
Whereas the other says the same in words that might defuse

the worry that plain words might cause–a silly sort of way it
is possible to ease the news by the way we say it.

So if the day dawns cold and drear, don coats and scarves and boots
and if dark clouds float overhead, grab your bumbershoots.

Umbrellas block the rain out and keep your shoulders dry,
but bumbershoots are bound to add a sparkle to your eye.


The prompt word today is bumble.

18 thoughts on “Silly Words

        1. lifelessons Post author

          My mother wrote rhyming plays and poems and I would do it with her at an early age. I didn’t write rhymed for years and then started up again with children’s books and the blog. It is so fun that I just indulge myself. There are enough serious things being written in the world. I’m allowing myself some levity in my later years.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              I think we all do. Most of the people I know feel worn down by all the bad news. We are just in touch with too much these days. Have to start creating some balances.


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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Mary, that’s the reason why I think we need to create a “favorites” list. They are out there, but yes, distressing ones as well. I have some favorite blogs that tell it as it is in the world and others that tell what they are creating. Others, what they’ve overcome. I need a balance, but increasingly need the good humor!!!



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