Tailor of Mankind

     IMG_7739Doll by Judy jdb photo

            Tailor of Mankind

    He thought he would be a tailor of men.
 Then, “Woman!” he thought,
  laughing as he
      extracted a rib, seaming

hills and valleys, taking a subtle tuck
     here, folding an excessive curve there
and there. Smoothing it over, shortening
          a length. Extending another.

      Making them fit and not fit.
  Not a perfect pair but rather
thesis and antithesis,
     he shaped into each
               in different quantities.

                    Then, he clothed perfection,
       sheathing it and obscuring
  differences to be discovered
    under falling leaves, in darkness,
          setting a whole world in motion.
                           Then he wept.

The prompt today is tailor.

15 thoughts on “Tailor of Mankind

            1. janebasilblog

              You call that a plethora? My son-in-law’s brother’s parter (please try to keep up…) has 27 house cats. They’re not allowed out, ever. She has a six year old son, is pregnant, and lives in a small flat. Can you imagine…


            2. janebasilblog

              The only reason I don’t have a cat is because I live in a second floor flat(I think you call it third floor), and I don’t like the idea of a cat not being able to roam.


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