Patterning Sunset


Patterning Sunset

Nights out I once found glorious,
exciting and uproarious,
I now just find laborious.

Without a doubt,

it is more fun

when day is done
to mime the way the sun

goes out.

Instead of donning dancing gown
and going to light up the town,
to drink and dance, to get it down

’til I perspire,

I brush my teeth, gargle and cough.
My clothes I shed, my shoes I doff.
I find the light switch, turn it off,

and just retire.


For a bit of a contrast to this poem you may want to go here:

The prompt today was glorious.

6 thoughts on “Patterning Sunset

  1. Michael

    that I enjoyed too. I find Reading your stuff out loud really makes it work even better…Im sure theres some technical poetry related reason for that but I don’t really know about such things.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      You may revive in your forties! When I was in my early to mid-sixties I went dancing 2 times a week. Somehow as I approached seventy, some of the oomph went out of me. I have a friend who drags me out on the dance floor once a week when I’m at the beach, so perhaps that will prime the pump.

      Liked by 1 person


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