This Prompt is Irrelevant!


This Prompt is Irrelevant

Each morning I rise early and make a cup of tea.
I feed the cats, then feed the dogs and sometimes I feed me.
Then I check out the The Daily Post to see what I can see,
propped up in bed, my laptop perched upon my knee.
Today I’m waging protest, in all sincerity,
because the prompt word given us is such an oddity.
Just how much more irrelevant could a prompt word be?
I’m sure it is unanimous, and you must agree.
Yet how can we complain of it? They give it to us free!!!


The prompt today is irrelevant, but I’ll write about it anyway. Ha!


9 thoughts on “This Prompt is Irrelevant!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      The kittens and old cat need feeding three times a day. If I don’t, their meows are so loud I can’t concentrate. The dogs make do with morning and night and are good in the morning until I think of them, but the second I think, “I wonder how long I can get away with lying here and not feeding the dogs?” they begin to bark. Uncanny. But, more about animal sounds in a later posting.

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