The Sporting Life


The Sporting Life

I’ve never had much interest in sports played with a ball.
Of games with pucks or shuttlecocks, I have no need at all.
Gym workouts, laps and chin-ups do nothing for me.
I simply have no talent for touching chin to knee.
The body part I work out with is of a different kind.
I like the sort of games requiring exercise of mind.
Dominoes or Mastermind, Bridge or Chess or Scrabble
are aspects of the sporting life discounted by the rabble.
Yet if you want to hold my interest, team sport is absurd.
Just woo me with a domino, a die, a card, a word.
Lay your mind upon the table, dear, I’ll trump it with an ace.
The contact I like in a sport is merely face-to-face.


The prompt word today was interest.

The Guardian: A judicial review this week will decide whether it was right for Sport England to have ruled that the card game is not a sport. … “Europe has said [sport has] to be physical, but the International Olympic Committee is prepared to include mind sports. … The IOC, for instance, recognises chess and bridge as sports – the respective federations have applied for them both to be included in the 2020 Olympics;

15 thoughts on “The Sporting Life

  1. mdhoffmannphoto

    I love board games. My favourite 2 person game is called “Lost Cities” My favourite games for 3-4 people are Catan and Acquire! I love the thinking, challenge and fun interaction that comes with playing games. Also like chess.

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            1. lifelessons Post author

              I play with a friend. We just agree what we can and can’t do. We can use the bingo finder not to find words but to check them out before we play them. We can’t use the wordfinder. As long as we agree what we can do, no problema. I’ve known her for over 50 years, so I trust her.

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            2. lifelessons Post author

              I love that. I’m going to accept the challenge and do so the next game I play. I have a photo of a scrabble board at end of play on my blog that you should see.. An amazing finish and a real coincidence of words played. Just go to my blog and search for Scrabble and you should find it. A bit X rated, so if you have tender eyes, you might want to skip it.

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      1. Leland Olson Hoel

        We were at a family reunion in Michigan several years ago, there must have been eight of us sitting around a large dining room table and we played turkey tracks for hours, it was a fun. I had never played it in my life, never really cared for dominoes but it was a fun afternoon had by all.



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