Bad News for the Substitute Teacher

IMG_4972Bad News for the Substitute Teacher

Pity the poor substitute.
No matter just how resolute,
up on the subject and astute,
no matter that you’re deadly cute,
these factors will not constitute
a success that is absolute.
They will not render class clowns mute,
for they, too, have their horns to toot.
These truths I swear can’t be refuted.
You’ll rue the day you substituted!

After today’s poem about English teachers, Mike Akin requested that I write one about substitute teachers.  I meet every challenge!  Here it is.

13 thoughts on “Bad News for the Substitute Teacher

    1. lifelessons Post author

      No, same template but for some reason the type is larger..This new (old) computer I bought doesn’t have Word but uses LibreOffice. Don’t know if that made the difference.



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