Zeroing in: Sunday Trees, Dec 31, 2017

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The canopy of this huge and very old tree covers the entire courtyard at the Lake Chapala Society, providing shade for the various gatherings that are held there. Last Sunday during Open Circle, when it was invaded by a flock of very noisy birds that appeared to be large parakeets or small parrots, I happened to look directly up and was captivated by this lovely bromeliad garden that had implanted itself on the branches.  The birds soon left. I think the bromeliads are permanent residents.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees prompt.

7 thoughts on “Zeroing in: Sunday Trees, Dec 31, 2017

  1. Lekhamisra

    Hi Judy,
    I have seen a group of birds in one of my neighbor’s tree and They always stay there for a week then leave.
    So may be the birds you saw were
    migratory birds. The tree always look so pretty with the all those birds perching on the tree branches.
    Happy NewYear!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      That is a possibility, because I’ve never heard a flock of birds as noisy as these except in Australia and also Berkeley, CA, where a flock of wild parrots formed from escaped pet birds creates havoc when it alights.

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  2. Marilyn Armstrong

    it is SO COLD here, there’s little that could get me outside! You’d need a cattle prod to make me even open a window.

    Garry’s brother — who NEVER sends links — sent this one. Sometime to dream about. Better with music.

    [video src="" /]



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