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Midnight Mischief with Bromeliads and Cats: FOTD July 19, 2021

Midnight Mischief.


For Cee’s FOTD.

Bromeliads: Flower of the Day, Sep 23, 2018


Not a flower yet, but can’t resist showing these spidery little bromeliads that have colonized the bark of this tree. They do bloom, but the flowers are tiny and easily overlooked.

For Cee’s Flower of the Day.

Zeroing in: Sunday Trees, Dec 31, 2017

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The canopy of this huge and very old tree covers the entire courtyard at the Lake Chapala Society, providing shade for the various gatherings that are held there. Last Sunday during Open Circle, when it was invaded by a flock of very noisy birds that appeared to be large parakeets or small parrots, I happened to look directly up and was captivated by this lovely bromeliad garden that had implanted itself on the branches.  The birds soon left. I think the bromeliads are permanent residents.

For Becca’s Sunday Trees prompt.

Don’t Pick the Daisies

See poem below flower collage. (All photos by jdb. Please click on first photo to enlarge all.)

Don’t Pick the Daisies

Please leave those daisies in their wrapper.
I find them just too pert and dapper.
I prefer a floral decoration
prone to promote excitation.
I’d choose something a little queer
to be used as a boutonniere.
Yes, I agree, daisies are cute
but aren’t held in good repute
for inclusion in bouquets exotic.
They aren’t sufficiently chaotic.
All their little petals are spread
in order. They are too well-bred.
I like my flowers with frisky sproutings,
curling ‘rounds and sticking-outings––
birds of paradise well hung
with orange feathers and bright blue tongue.
I admit, I am a binger
on passionflower and wild ginger,
on orchid and bromeliad.
Daisies I find a little sad––
too Doris Day and sixtyish.
A bit of odd is what I wish
for when I choose to pick a flower
for an arrangement or a bower.
Give me heliconia,
proteus or begonia.
For an occasion that is formal,
daisies, dear, are just too normal.


For my mother Pat who liked her food plain and her flowers exotic. XOXOXO


This poem and floral collage were prompted by an earlier post in answer to Cee’s Flower of the Day prompt.

Weird Bromeliads: Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge

                                                        WEIRD BROMELIADS                                                                          
IMG_3671 (1)

How do these bromeliads get up onto the electrical wires??? (Yes, it does have tiny blooms like little flags..pretty dried up on these plants.


They have sticky seeds that stick to the feet of birds.  Then when the birds perch on the wires, they leave the seeds behind to grow in their new home.

IMG_3672 (1)

I couldn’t resist playing around with this image.

To see prettier flowers, go here: http://ceenphotography.com/2015/08/14/flower-of-the-day-august-14-2015-rose/