Net Neutrality 101

What is net neutrality?  This is the best and most entertaining explanation I’ve seen, Before (or after) you view it, please make a comment here on my blog about  your views regarding net neutrality!!!


7 thoughts on “Net Neutrality 101

  1. katemccseattle

    Repealing it was obscene. In this day and age internet access is like having basic phone service. There is already plenty of profit in the system over the cost of providing service. It’s not like these companies were going broke with net neutrality.
    The change puts more and more advantage in the hands of fewer and fewer.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      They have been trying to do this for years. Let’s hope the media companies have more sense than our illustrious “leaders.” And, that people have the good sense to consider this act the next time they vote. This group of politicians seem intent on seeing how far they can go against the interests of the common man and still stay in power. The situation is already beyond belief and still, they press on.

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  2. brenda

    I find myself wondering if behind corporate doors there are a group of people fixated on a simple question, “how can we squeeze more money from the masses?” It is a negation of humanity in that those who cannot afford are being left out in the cold…literally…just look to growing numbers of the working homeless. And, I’m sure there is a growing number of people who are homeless due to the latest hurricanes, fires, flooding, earthquakes, and rising oceans. I, personally, fear being “penny-squeezed” out of my home due to the small increases in basic needs. Oh, by the way…during the last election, the community in which I lived voted to allow the city to provide high-speed broadband. Oh dear…a flood gate opened.

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