To Get a Poem (5 Quadrilles)

To Get a Poem

(5 Quadrilles)

Leave the dirty dishes in the sink.
A dishwasher washes the poems away.
Allow cat hair to accumulate on the footstool.
Cat hair is a city for poems.
Let plants go another day before watering,
lest poems in the soil should be flushed away.

Let lie the crumpled sock a friend’s child
left in the sleeping loft.
Don’t destroy the poem of it.
Don’t bother to rake leaves.
Poems cannot live in neat piles.
Leave the soupstain on your shirt .
Tomato and basil are ingredients of poetry.

There is a poem in the confetti of paper on the bedroom carpet
and in the bread crumbs and the orphaned straight pins.
Bills in the “TO BE PAID” folder?
Each is the embryo of a poem.
Paying them now would be poetry murder.

In my living room, there is more poetry
in the blankets of dust on glass tables
than the burnished surface of the clay vase.
There is more poetry, more poetry, more poetry
than can ever be tidied up in this world or the next.

Falling poetry snarls in the weave of the hammock.
All of this raw poetry lies around us, primed for the collecting.
Messy poetry and dusty.
You won’t die from, but you could live on
poetry that’s hidden in the messy corners of your world.


For dVerse Poets. The prompt was to write a quadrille on the subject of poetry.


13 thoughts on “To Get a Poem (5 Quadrilles)

    1. lifelessons Post author

      It was a poem I wrote years ago. I took lines from throughout and composed the quadrilles. Fun to do.. and it made me cull. I love these little poetry puzzles. Thanks for your kind words.


  1. Victoria C. Slotto

    Wonderful! One of my big obstacle to writing has been my perfectionism that wants to take care of all those messy things but to see the poetry in them and, more importantly, to just let them go so as to have time to write–I will take this as my permission! Thanks for joining, Judy.

    Liked by 1 person

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