The Holy Apewoman of Mexico

This post made years ago at the very beginning of my blog answers today’s prompt of “conjure” perfectly, so here it is again after a small edit:

The Holy Apewoman of Mexico


 My dialogue takes place between my 7 year old self and my 70 year old self who, ironically, is writing this in Mexico.

Childhood Dreams

The mysteries
of Grandma’s barn
and basement—
whole lost worlds there.
Our own attic—a door held down
by a gravity never challenged.

I wanted to see
the hanging gardens of Babylon,
Mexico and Africa—
all these places from books,
their pieces jumbled together
like puzzle pieces
in the deep recesses of my closet,
but ready for assembly
some day
when I would
make my future memories

I crouch with myself at seven—
sharing imagined dangers
in deep closets,
trying to conjure the world.
So many small town stories
while I dreamed of living
in those fairy tale places
of Bible stories
that stood on a shelf
sandwiched between
the Bobbsey Twins
and Tarzan.

Some of us spend our lives
trying to be like books,
then spend our old age
trying to remember childhood,
mainly remembering
childhood’s dreams.


The prompt word today is conjure.

17 thoughts on “The Holy Apewoman of Mexico

            1. Dangerspouse

              I don’t want to interrupt her while she’s cleaning and doing laundry and cooking and vacuuming just to tell her how lucky she is. I mean, I’m sure she already knows 🙂


  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I’m so impressed that anyone still has a Bobbsey Twins book! My oh my, does that bring up the funniest memories. I wasn’t a Nancy Drew follower though because by then, I’d moved on to “The Black Stallion.” I liked horses better.

    I think I’m still trying to be a book or as close to it as anyone my age can be.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. calensariel

        I belong to a group of Tolkienites who have been together since 2003. Folks who love Tolkien’s languages are generally very poetic in their writings. So years ago I started a journal for all the poetry folks were writing there. Little by little I’ve just added to the book over the years. I love to get it out and read it. So many heart-felt writings in it.

        Liked by 1 person

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Sandbox. The normal way is to reblog by putting a few stanzas of the poem on your blog, them directing them to the person’s blog who wrote it with an URL. Here is the URL of that blog posting:

      It’s only fair that the person who wrote the piece gets the views as well as you.

      Glad you liked the poem enough to reblog it. Easiest way is to hit “reblog” on my blog page that had the piece on it.. It gives you a chance to add a note and automatically cuts the poem at a certain point and gives the URL..Happy blogging. Judy



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