Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar



Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar

It’s easier to talk than think,
especially when you’ve had a drink
or two or three or six or seven.
That’s when you’re sure you’re going to heaven.

And anyone more liberal
is surely going to go to hell
along with those who worship God
with rituals that you find odd.

And even worse is all of those
in turbans, robes or hippie clothes
who don’t believe in God at all.
They’re destined for the biggest fall.

Transsexuals and the profusion
of folks with sexual confusion
need to get their heads on right
or be removed from good folk’s sight.

Those who pontificate in bars
sport redneck slogans on their cars
and are so sure that them and thars
will live with God up in the stars.

Creationism is a fact
and scientists have made a pact
with one below who waits for them
to come and make their home with him.

And they don’t even need to think
beyond what they next want to drink.
They’re so securely in the know
because the Bible told them so.

They do not need to feed their brothers
or provide health care for the others.
Planned Parenthood’s the devil’s scheme
and Right To Life’s the savior’s team.

Woman should bear what she has sown
and raise the product all alone.
It is her punishment for sex—
this guilt for children she neglects.

Society should never pay
for lowlife children such as they.
Society should close its doors
to the progeny of faithless whores.

Retribution is the thing
Obamacare neglects to bring.
Cutting welfare’s the best way
to insure they pay and pay.

If you were smart like them, you’d know
this scheme is how the world should go.
First remove birth control and then
make sure she has her spawn of sin.

Do not provide for them at all.
Then you’ll begin to see Eve’s fall.
What she brought Adam to she’ll see
and be punished endlessly.

For dVerse Poets: a poem about drinking.

30 thoughts on “Science and Politics at the Redneck Bar

        1. lifelessons Post author

          You did do it right. The easiest was is to hit “reblog” on my blog. It will automatically choose a few stanzas or lines and then give a link. It also gives you a place to add whatever you want to say. But, the way you did it is perfect as well. Thanks again for your generous words of support.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks so much for your generous words. You did the reblog just right. My commiserations. I only had to deal with this topic once. That you have to deal with it every day must require nerves of steel.


  2. Christine Goodnough

    You have an interesting mix of sentiments in one basket here. Some of the people who spout some of these sentiments would never set foot in a bar. I don’t think it’s very fair to lump religious fanatics in with rednecks when they can be on opposite ends of the spectrum.

    In my observation not all rednecks are religious — in fact some have no use for religion. Have a few in my family. In general they’d be much more tolerant of “standard” religion, though, than of race. And some religious extremists may be quite accepting of races. I don’t think bin Ladin hated all Caucasians; just Americans. 😉

    And lot of people who oppose abortion don’t feel at all that women should “suffer for their sins.” I think they feel (again, in general) that couples should be responsible and take precautions. I tend to agree with MFMcNish. Rednecks are just as apt to be, er, “thoughtlessly prolific” 😉 as anyone else.

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Hi Christine. The point was not to rail against good Christians.. it was to point out the hypocrisy of people who are bigots and call themselves good Christians and use it as a way to discriminate against those who don’t call their faith by the same names. I know a lot of people who voted blindly for Trump and Roy Moore because their ministers told them to, saying they were putting Christ back in the white house and in the Senate. It is the fact that people think calling themselves good Christians and saying others aren’t.. or that others that aren’t cannot still be moral people.. that I am railing against. I think Christ acted by his own convictions and would have been askance at how finance has taken over our government. One of his first acts as the revolutionary he was was throwing the moneychangers out of the temple..It is not Christ I’m speaking out against. It is people who hypocritically use his name to bring about actions he himself would have in my estimation would have railed against. He did charitable acts without giving them a title or name. Okay to do so if you dont’ rule out that others that don’t call them by the name are good people as well. That people would defile the name of a good and ethical and caring family man such as Obama and hold Trump up as a good Christian is beyond belief. I know you are a very good person and that there are many other kind moral people in the world.. Christian, Hindu, Muslim, Zoroastronist, Agnostic and Atheist. We need to judge, if we judge, by action, not titles.

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      1. Christine Goodnough

        Just read a history of Europe in the Middle Ages and I had to smile at your one line: Jesus would be askance at how finance has taken over govt. If Jesus is in union with God, He has been watching govts for centuries and money grabbing has almost always ruled govts. 🙂

        I’m agreed that if He’d come visiting today, He’d rail against — and sob about — words spoken and acts done in his name. But religion of whatever kind is often just the cloak people use to cover selfish acts of the human heart. John Lennon wrote something about,” Imagine you’d wake up one day and there’d be no more religion.” I can easily imagine that. People would carry on just as they do now — just find a different label or cause to fight over.

        No offense taken and I hope I haven’t given any. Just adding an alternate view. Nuts abound and, sad to say, so do cruel people. I hear some redneck views at family gatherings and my brother and I have opposite views about the NRA and gun control, but I haven’t heard anyone spouting off in bars. Worked with one guy who spouted off against dope heads — definitely as a “superior” looking down — and was I shocked later to find he used and peddled the stuff. 😦

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Good. I was really afraid I’d offended you and Forgottenman said he didn’t think you sounded offended.. just offering more opinions. And he was, as usual, right. Well, except for that “daisies” issue in last night’s poem. He’s not infallible.

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  3. lifelessons Post author

    And yes of course I am not saying all rednecks are Christians, any more than I’m saying all or even a majority or good number of Christians are rednecks or bigots or small-minded. I’m pointing out the irony that people can say they are one thing and live their lives as exactly the opposite, yet still set themselves up as being superior because of what they call themselves. No intention to offend you or cast stones at anyone except these misguided fellows bellied up to the bar.

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    1. Christine Goodnough

      I’d basically agree with a lot of what you say, and am sad when people who use the Lord’s name to justify extreme and cruel positions or reactions. It’s totally confusing that anyone could justify bombings, or killing nurses, doctors, patients, because “killing the unborn is wrong.”

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Well, I think redneck has changed a few times in connotation. My father would have qualified in the original definition as I first knew it–as a laborer who worked all day in the sun and therefore had a red neck, but it has come to mean more in our modern day–as someone bigoted as well as rural, and it is this connotation that I use here. Those who are rednecks seem to me to be proud of the fact and as such I take it to be factual and not discriminatory. I would not call anyone who labored a redneck–just someone who had earned the term. And, unlike the n-word, it is not used to label an entire race of people.



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