The Forgottenman Challenge. Done!!

After seeing my mixed bouquet in Cee’s daily flower challenge, Forgottenman challenged me to write a poem making use of the name of every flower in the bouquet.  Okay F-man, here it is. I rise to every challenge!!! (The names of the flowers in the bouquet are in bold print.)

Zinnia was the fairest maid the town had ever grown.
She flirted with the mill boy and claimed him as her own.
She rose and fed their baby with a silver spoon
each morning as her husband lay abed ’til noon.
To wake him up, she lay their child well within his reaches.
He woke to that sweet baby’s breath-—just redolent of peaches.
Brushing off her flour-dusted lover, Zinnia sent him on his way
to grind more grain for townsfolk who had the means to pay,
for although her dusty miller was not the working kind,
true love will not buy Gerbers nor diaper a behind.

Here is the bouquet again:


Bouquet of zinnias, roses, baby’s breath, dusty miller, Gerber daisies.  jdb photo

Another response to Cee’s daily flower prompt.

9 thoughts on “The Forgottenman Challenge. Done!!

  1. okcforgottenman

    Thank you, Dear. Here’s my response, not quite in stanza:
    Oh, Zinnia, Zinnia, Zinnia! How I failed you! I thought I was collecting daisies to spread at your feet, but then we left them lonely, uncollected, in the dust of Miller’s orchard. I rose to your challenge, your come-on, your whisper, your wink. And now I must suffer and rejoice at our baby’s breath as we succor her with baby food – Gerber’s, of course.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        Nope.. for those of us well-versed in flowers, we just call them Gerbers. You unschooled folk just don’t understand. I will in retribution call you out for not rhyming.. a far more skilled act than inserting an unneeded “daisy” fer shure!!!



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