Would the real me ever publish a photo this rude????


They know my situation. They’re conversant with the fact
that while I was not looking, my Facebook page was hacked.
They commandeered my photos, made off with every friend,
made dumb statements in my name. The horrors never end.
Their “selfie” shots of me are rude. Wherever did they take them?
They’re all of me, but I assure you that I did not make them.
Now my time is spent explaining statements I didn’t make
to friends who may not realize this new site is a fake.
But the worst truth of the matter—the thing hardest to see
is that they like the hacked “me” more than they like me!


The prompt word today was conversant.

14 thoughts on “Hacked!

  1. Christine Goodnough

    Now, where did these hackers get other photos of you to replace the ones they’ve slurped? This sounds like an “inside job.”
    Not having a Facebook account, I can’t check out your complaint. On the other hand, no one can hack me on FB. Is that quite easy to do?

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      Christine.. hope you are still on. They took my photos, changed my name a tiny bit (took the hyphen out of my name) and established a new account, then asked all my friend list to join. Many did, not realizing that because they were already my friends it was not necessary. This is not really the hack, however.. it is a joke posted by me. Fear I’m confusing the issue!!!

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      1. Christine Goodnough

        I was off making my morning coffee. 🙂
        I’ve looked at the photo a couple of times and can’t see where it would be offensive. You’d have to explain from what angle it would be. (Not the best pic of you?)
        I’ve heard of hacking a FB account; as I said, I’ve no experience. Just “for fun.” Maybe you’re ready to join the (semi-serious) campaign I launched years ago to make hacking a crime against humanity? I wrote this haiku as my theme: 🙂
        hackers — smackers
        savvy crackers — bloodless crimes
        against humanity

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