Unopened: Haibun for dVerse Poets



Every situation, every human relationship contains a number of possibilities. No person could guess them all. When we are too hasty in our judgements and our reactions, we cut ourselves off from all of those potential realities.

Your face a closed bud
hiding what might have flowered
had I been your sun.


For dVerse Poets haibun challenge.

21 thoughts on “Unopened: Haibun for dVerse Poets

  1. Christine anfossie

    True words Judy. It’s been delightful working with you. Glad you made it home safe. Onward to new adventures in art, music, poetry…..and what ever else awaits!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      It was one of my great pleasures of my recent trip to La Manz to meet and work with you and the gang. Someone said it looked like we were having such fun. I told her that I was and thought perhaps the rest of you were, too, whether in your digs or mine.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks, Isaiah. Anxious to get to other Haibuns on dVerse but I have houseguests, a whole car to unpack and then a writer’s conference to get to. I’ll get to them in time.


  2. lizMc

    Appreciating the profound understanding in your poem; the challenge it presents, the power each of us has to awaken the beauty and dignity of everyone we meet. The image of the buds, on the verge of exploding, hopeful yet mysterious — a perfect illustration of your haibun. Thanks for posting!

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