Shut In


Shut In

No longer is there any need
to leave my house for drink or feed.
Costco delivers, as does the son
of one I used to join in fun
to dance in bars and flirt with men,
but now those times are what has been.

Now I prefer my company
to what I used to do and see.
I hope to circumvent all trouble
By living here within my bubble.
I lay out solitaire alone
and socialize by screen and phone.

I’m done with yoga. Zumba is out.
I do not flounce myself about.
Here with myself, I pass my life
sealed off from politics and strife.
Though the world’s pleasures I don’t forget,
I choose to turn my back on it.

Safe in my bubble, I peer out
and I’m content, without a doubt.
Behind these shutters and barred doors,
I’m safe from robbers, rapists, wars.
I let in nature, and that’s enough.
It’s human nature that is too rough.


The prompt today is bubble.

13 thoughts on “Shut In

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I do, Marilyn. It’s hard to talk about all of oneself in one poem. I tend to exaggerate different sides. Call it hyperbole, poetic license–what you will. But, that said, I am so much more of a recluse than I’ve been in the past. I know you stay home as well, but you have Garry to socialize with. I have mainly cats and dogs unless company is visiting.


      1. Marilyn Armstrong

        I know, But we just gave up on an event tonight. We fade as evening approaches. if we can do it in the daytime, we make it, but Garry hates driving — especially at night — and it was a musical thing and it was going to be noisy. Between the fact that we get so tired by evening that we really don’t want to go anywhere — and Garry’s inability to hear much — we just aren’t going to be the popular couple.

        We are much more reclusive, but company per se doesn’t help. We aren’t looking for parties or events — just a couple of people we like to sit and talk to. Gatherings don’t really work these days.


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  2. isaiah46ministries

    Just wonderful. I feel the same way, but we are in Europe, so it is almost required that you fo somewhere every day. Poor Douglas cannot stay still, and I just want to sit by the ocean and just read or stay in the apartment until Saturday morning when we leave for home. So, I am going out today and have paid for an outing for Friday. Will give Douglas two days alone, so only one day to go out and see one lat thing. But, I am ready to be a homebody, and that is a little sad for someone who wanted to see the world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Just had this conversation with a friend two days ago.. about how both of us tended, even when traveling, not to “do it all” unless friends pulled us out to see the different attractions. I understand perfectly what you describe.


  3. calensariel

    I love this poem, Judy. And I can so identify. Seems the older I get the easier it is just to stay home. I remember when my folks started being that way. I thought, what’s wrong with them? I SO get it now!



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