Garden Layers: May 11, Flower of the Day

IMG_0465 2

Plumeria, papyrus, cactus, bougainvillia, yucca and palm form the layers in this garden collage. I need to go our and see how much remains after the colossal storm last night.

Do not miss Cee’s iris bud after rain today.  Here it is.

3 thoughts on “Garden Layers: May 11, Flower of the Day

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I did a video of the wind last night which was as close to a hurricane as I’ve experienced. There was lots of “stuff” blown down off the tallest palm trees which were really swaying in the wind. Trees blown down in other parts of town, solar panels blown off of roofs. I guess I was lucky. They were due to take my skylight out yesterday and just leave a tarp over the opening. Man, was I glad they didn’t as my living room would have been flooded!!! Scared to have them do it at all until this rainy period is over, but it has been going on for some time and I’m afraid the rainy season just came a month early. I should have started all this earlier.



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