Mongrel Maven

Mongrel Maven

My bloodline’s scattered here and there—
a genealogist’s nightmare.
Racially, I’m broadly mixed.
The KKK would have me fixed.
My lineage being under-par,
I cannot join the D.A.R.
I have no claims to royalty,
so my name is title-free.
Who I am is merely me.
For this I need no pedigree!


The prompt word today is pedigree.

15 thoughts on “Mongrel Maven

  1. lifelessons Post author

    I know. My poem made me out to be more interesting than I am. Poetic license, you know. I’ve used that last line a few times before, haven’t I?


  2. Mary Francis McNinch

    My Grandmother Francis was a member of the DAR until they wouldn’t allow a black woman to sing at their convention. She never mentioned the DAR again. I like your longer poems. What are the people in the picture looking at?



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