Guilty as Charged

Guilty As Charged

Yes, I’m guilty of all charges. I fear I must confess.
It’s true I bought a purse and shoes, then bought the matching dress.
What credit card I charged them on, I can only guess,
but I know what I have spent. Sort of. More or less.
It does no good haranguing me. It does not help to press,
asking if I’ve found the bills, hoping I’ll say yes.

You’re making me feel guilty. Inflicting much duress.
Would it make you happier if I went fashionless?

It’s not like I bought golf clubs, a sports car or a yacht.
Just these paltry fashions are all that I have got.
Yes, the dress is Vera Wang. The shoes are Jimmy Choo.
The diamond bangles matched so well, I really needed two.

When the clerk at Tiffany’s asked what he should do,
charge them on my credit card or just charge them to you,
I asked to see your charge account, and, dear, it was a shock
to see the balance on it. That must have been some rock
you purchased just last fortnight. Might I suggest cash-and-carry
the next time that you buy a gift for your secretary?


The WordPress prompt today is guilty.

14 thoughts on “Guilty as Charged

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I remember Tootsie and Blondie well. Loved that comic. Did they shout “Charge!” or “Charge it?” Seems like the first would work better as a double entendre.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Emmanuel, your link just takes me back to my own Gravitar and when I enter your name into Google, it says your blog does not exist. Can you check your pingback and send me another link, please? I can’t get to your blog to read it.



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