Last Minute Redemption


Last Minute Redemption

I have made a resolution
to attempt last-minute absolution
for the sins I have collected,
just in case I’m resurrected.

 You see, I have a certain hunch
that later I’ll be in a crunch,

burdened by a heavy pack
of life’s misdeeds tied to my back,
condemned for all eternity
to never be completely free
’til I atone for every one.
Only when I’m down to none,
will I advance thus unencumbered.
Now that I know my days are numbered,
if I have ever slighted thee,
now is your time to contact me
to receive my late apology.

So Mia culpa, lo siento.
In just one second, un momento,
I will voice my sorrow for
all the ills I’ve caused you, or
all the times I didn’t say
those words that might have made your day.
For though I don’t believe in hell,
I figure that I might as well,
 just in case, try for exemption
to win my guilty soul’s redemption.

Since the Daily Prompt from WordPress is now defunct, I’m trying out a number of other daily prompts.  The Daily Addictions word today is redemption. Feel free to play along by clicking on the link and adding your own post on the theme to the Mr Linky link.

12 thoughts on “Last Minute Redemption

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I am a very “just in case” kind of religious person. I don’t really believe in it … but … just in case, what harm is there on playing on the “good” side of ye olde “good vs. evil” thing? If there’s nothing, you haven’t lost anything, but if it’s there, well, now … we’re good to go!

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  2. hirundine608

    Religion is not found in a book or building. It is not a concept. It is very real. If you can truly love? Then you have found God. That’s it, quite easy really! The more you “speak” to love, in your heart. The more it speaks back. Move away? Come back, the love is always there; eternal. You will discover your own truths, not others. Although they usually are remarkably similar? The Akashic records; record our karmic actions. Cheers Jamie


      1. hirundine608

        True enough but cannot resist an option to remind others. For convention would have us believe there is something special about God connected to religion. Humans have a religious nature, according to Carl Jung. I tend to think he was right? Cheers Jamie



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