That Small Feeling


That Small Feeling That Something’s Wrong

My intuition sounds its gong.
I have an inkling something’s wrong.
I look  around  for what’s amiss,
but cannot tell what signals this.
My arm and neck hairs stir and rise,
as if to warn me of surprise.
This tiny hunch keeps me alert,
but insight is a fickle flirt.
When nothing happens, it goes away
and I live out my normal day.
That tiny niggling little prickle
might lead to nought, for insight’s fickle,
and sometimes things are just so small
that they aren’t there at all.


This poem was written in October of 2016. The RDP2 prompt today is insight.

8 thoughts on “That Small Feeling

  1. MNL

    Thanks for joining the Ragtag Daily Prompt. Love that poem — know that prickle — that edge of almost knowing something just before it slips away. Also reminds me of watching a movie — the person glances around, feeling the danger, or maybe that tiny leftover scent of a stalker’s cigarette. Will the person figure it out in time …. or not?

    Liked by 1 person

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