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These photos were, alas, taken with my phone, and so the resolution isn’t very good.  I was parked waiting for a friend and this little guy just happened to fly up to the hibiscus bush right beside my driver’s side window, so I had to snap these.  Lucky in the pose, unlucky with the camera available.  My new camera is on its way!!!  

11 thoughts on “Hummers

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I always hate it when my photos aren’t perfectly focused (not that many are) but I agree that sometimes they have more of an effect when they aren’t and when they are more painterly.

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  1. Mr Livingstone

    They are remarkably confident little chaps – in the close-up portraits that you saw [ ] he had been musing, preening, and watching us work in the garden bed. Monarda (the red colour behind) was the attraction, and kept them appearing throughout each day; do not like to see the squabbling as any time two fellows would be in the same vicinity, horrible chases would ensue.
    Lonicera, ‘Honeysuckle’, is the other evident attractant here. Lovely to see in flight, but something marvellous (for me) in watching such small birds sitting pondering life’s vicissitudes. Wonderful, enthralling little folk. All the best for now, Judy – PL

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