Petrified “Would”


Please enlarge and examine this photo carefully, lest you miss the point of it.

Petrified “Would”

Wood, it seems, in days gone by
stood long enough to petrify,
but once mankind required attire,
and therefore was in need of fire,
he found meat tasted better fried,
and since, no wood has petrified.
Each tree that grows is quickly used.
Our rainforests have been abused
to grow more cattle and more crops.
Our war on forests never stops.
Erosion creases soil in gullies.
Each pipeline scars, each factory sullies.
I fear it won’t be rectified
‘til man himself is petrified!
If only all the big guys would
heed the solution while they could!

The prompt at Daily Addictions was petrify.

7 thoughts on “Petrified “Would”

  1. slmret

    It seems this post has been taken down? I love the poem, and the photo goes nicely with it. I think we need to petrify some of the big men so the trees can be naturally petrified!

    Liked by 1 person


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