I fear that I am flummoxed about where to post this poem
since Daily Post abandoned us, our postings have no home
where we can find each other sufficiently clear.
Just where do we post them? Is it here or here or here?
I applaud your efforts. I know you’ve planned and planned.
You have your daily promptings sufficiently manned.
The problem is we need one place where we can find each other
once we have surveyed the prompt and written yet another
poem or essay most profound that we would like to share.
Except, where should we put it?  There, or there or there?
The solution to this problem has me tearing at my hair.
Please give me a solution. Where should I post this? Where?

Perhaps I’ve overstepped my bounds, and if I have I fear
that you’ll simply say that I should  hang it in my ear!


The prompt today is flummoxed. 

11 thoughts on “Flummoxed

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I can imagine you saying that word, John, shaking your head side to side. “Flummoxed, my dear, simply flummoxed!!” It is a great word. I’m going to plan on using it more frequently myself.

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  1. curioussteph

    It is a fabulous word, flummoxed. And you are quite correct, that it is difficult not having a central site to post. Another blogger has started working on making a site so that it can be easier to find postings, etc. Its easy enough to come up with prompts, but the logistical side of things is daunting. I hope we can get things working better. Pingbacks to the original post work okay, but theres an admin burden and consequent time delay. Definitely learning as we go and living up (down) to the term ragtag!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Did you check out the site I gave the link to? I’m sure he would tell you how to set up the Mr. Linky… the easiest format to link to. I had suggested it to him and he researched and got it installed so perhaps he’d help you do so.

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      1. curioussteph

        I looked some, and didn’t get too far in (darn rest of life). Martha and Ting are both now working on setting up a central site, with all of use having admin privileges, so that may do the trick as well.


  2. Reflections of an Untidy Mind

    All feedback is good, Judy. As Curious Steph said we are working on it. Rome wasn’t built in a day. I personally won’t put Mr Linky on my site. I cannot make an assessment one way or the other about whether there are any potential security flaws, so it is not a risk I am prepared to take. That’s just me.



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