First Kiss

First Kiss

“Allemande left, allemande right.
Promenade your lady, hold her tight!”
Years later, I recall demands
for touching waists and holding hands.
To “Promenade. Go ’round the world.”
We do-si-doed and faced and whirled.
Square-dancing was called to blame
the day I first encountered shame.

Just six years old and mild and meek,
a boy my age dared peck my cheek.
His mother pulled him off the floor,
then jerked him rudely out the door,
shaming him with words and action
before I knew my own reaction,
which might have merely been a measure
of a friendly mutual pleasure.

Instead, for twelve more years together,
held as classmates in close tether,
much as I perhaps desired
that we might have again conspired,
he never tried what once was censured.
Another kiss was never ventured

’til in our twenties, home from college,
emboldened by our further knowledge,
home briefly for summer vacation,
heartened by a small libation,
finding ourselves in darkened car
up on a hill, his mother far
away in town, we finally kissed,
discovering what we had missed.

Then we went our separate ways—
that one night just a summer’s phase.
Years later, though, I still recall.
that first kiss, and his mother’s gall
over what was a gentle theft
prompted by an “Allemande left.”

The “guilty parties” are, it is true, pictured above, but I’m not one to kiss and tell. This true memory was prompted by today’s “Daily Addiction” prompt of

26 thoughts on “First Kiss

    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know. And I had a crush on him for 12 years and he never had the nerve to ask me out except for once, for Jr. prom, and someone else had already asked me the same day–a few hours before him.

      Liked by 1 person

  1. animar64

    I never liked going to dances and I never liked being led around a dance floor- but I did enjoy witnessing the drama that always seemed to happen at them. Your poem took me down memory lane too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. momshieb

    So sweet! My third grade crush and I were square dance partners. We were chosen as the dancers to represent our school a town wide dance, I remember!! Thank you for this memory!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Did you go on for a number of years with the square dancing? Mine was a short career–I believe only about a year. The whole family went but when the woman who called it left town, a man took over whose calling no one liked and everyone quit.


      1. momshieb

        We only did square dancing as part of our PE curriculum for third grade. My crush and I stayed in the same class for a few years…then lost touch until many years later when he became our dentist!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Anton Wills-Eve

    Judy, mine was with a girl at school when I was eight and she seven. My greatest memory is of the innocent yet passionate love it awoke in me. We had both been told it was something we should never do which meant we could not tell a soul. But we were not told why. This doubled the daring and the pleasure. We remained fond friends but nothing more intimate for the rest of our lives. We’re 76/75 now, still write to each other, but never fell in love. I think you’ve become my prompt! XX Anton

    Liked by 1 person

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