Old Age in Paradise



Old Age in Paradise

I’d like to know on just what basis
we deserve our fine oasis?
In other places, other climes,
people our age have harder times.
They work ’til death or do not eat.
They toil in poverty and heat.
So though we may have aches and pain,
I must our grumbling disdain.
Yes, I ache and limp and groan,
yet prefer these problems that are my own.



The Daily Addictions prompt today was oasis.

4 thoughts on “Old Age in Paradise

  1. janebasilblog

    Well put. All too often, we measure or lives against those who have more than they need, rather than those who don’t even have the luxury of clean water, decent food or safe shelter. Poor old us, with our first world angst..


    1. lifelessons Post author

      That was actually taken at the beach in January, the year before last.. That man rented the upstairs apartment over my beach cottage. Morrie was just sort of adopted by everyone. People would come take him for walks or out on the beach to chase balls. Kids would, unforunately, just come unfasten his lead and take him out to play and then leave him on the beach. That was not good. One little girl would even come let him out of his cage!



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