Family Night

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Family Night

Grandma’s tired of pussyfooting, Mama’s tired of tact.
Daddy has lost his silken tongue. I fear that is a fact.
Grandpa has no further wish to sugar coat and pander.
We’ve had an epidemic of hereditary candor!

Fur is flying everywhere. We’re anything but truthless.
We could use some diplomacy, for it’s grown rather ruthless.
Grandma has admitted that Grandpa cannot kiss.
Dad told my Mom her cooking is a bit remiss.

Mom told my dad her former beau would like to get together
and that he has a motorbike and dresses in black leather. 
Grandpa just seems hard at work working up his dander.
I think that he has been done in by all the family slander.

I just sit and listen, for I am only ten,
and I am quite astonished at what I’m taking in.
This family dynamic is something new to me.
I think I’ve learned the value of duplicity!!!


The FOWC prompt for the day is candor.I’m also posting this in dVerse Poets.

16 thoughts on “Family Night

      1. janebasilblog

        Do you have a favorite yet? I haven’t been writing much – I want to take part in word prompts, but the change of format – and the number of choices – has contributed to kicking up my stupid anxiety disorder. What little I’m writing isn’t fit to post.


        1. lifelessons Post author

          I do dVerse Poets, Rag Tag Daily Prompt, Fandango and Daily Addictions. Plus several of Cee’s and sometimes a couple of photo prompts. One day I did 11!!! Too much. Cee has a list you could go though and see which sound good to you. I agree with you. It is mind-blowing. One of the sponsors of one of the prompts told me I should throw it all in and write my book. I know I should but I’m sorta addicted to all you bloggers and to blogging.

          Liked by 1 person

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha. That is my grandma and grandpa, their daughter and son-in-law and his mother and their seven boys! This was taken long before I was born. The man who was that baby in arms somehow read a book of poetry I used it as an illustration in and contacted me. I hadn’t seen him since I was ten years old, 60 years ago. He is now in his nineties!! Amazing. I ended up hearing about a family reunion between him and his 7 brothers and the descendants of the seven brothers, only one other brother is still alive. I flew up from Mexico to attend it and my sisters came, too. It was wonderful. All because of this photo. But, the poem wasn’t about my family. That was just the only photo of a family that included generations that I could find. Phew. This comment is longer than the post.

      Liked by 1 person


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