Frannie Bombs the Flower Shoot

I was trying so hard to photograph this Wandering Jew flowering on the wall ledge between my front and back yard, but Frannie kept jumping up to interfere.  Four times, she jumped up on the ledge and stuck her face between me and the plants I was trying to photograph, even following me into the dread back yard, where she drew the unfriendly attention of Morrie and Diego.  The back yard is a cat-free area, or so it is decreed to be by the dogs, so when she followed me back and jumped down from the wall, I had to rescue her.  Still again, she strayed into their turf, this time remaining on the wall.  This is the story, in photos.  Please click on the first photo to see the whole slide series enlarged. You can click through it as quickly as you wish by clicking on the right arrows:

For Cee’s Flower of the Day Challenge.

13 thoughts on “Frannie Bombs the Flower Shoot

  1. carol1945

    I clicked on “like”, but my gravatar symbol did not show up. Hmmm…. at any rate, this is simply a fantastic photo story; love the dogs at the end. I appreciate seeing the process; the photo of the flowering Wandering Jew is great; I did not know they flowered.


  2. slmret

    “But Mom — I just want some attention too — after all, flowers are just inanimate objects, and I have a psyche that needs you to pay attention!” The camera got quite a workout here — lovely pictures of both the cat and the flowers — but #4 is the funniest cat photo I’ve seen in a long time!

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    1. lifelessons Post author

      I know.. Most of the funny shots I couldn’t get because I was trying to keep her nose away from the lens or because I couldn’t focus and shoot fast enough, but I think I got enough to give you the general idea. I just still, after all these years with cats, can’t believe that they can jump up on a wall five feet high from a crouched position a foot away from it. How do they do it? I sometimes find it hard to get up from the couch!



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