Objects are dependable. Objects are the best.
Objects do not leave you. They remain there at rest.
They soothe the eye with beauty or operate as slaves,
for objects have served us since humans lived in caves.
Since the first stone hammer or flint carved to a point,
objects have helped to feed us or to pretty up the joint.
Carved into a cave wall, a bison or a bird.
Art lasts for millennia. That’s why I find absurd
those who say things don’t matter, for what I have to say
is that it’s art that lingers. People just pass away.



Fandango‘s prompt today was object. Before you start exclaiming in protest, I’ll issue the disclaimer that this is written a bit tongue-in-cheek. Albeit, I love art. Wouldn’t want to live without it.  But I do realize people are more important.

Fandango‘s prompt was object.

7 thoughts on “Objectification

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    I have some porcelain posts from 2000 years ago. Their surface is a little roughed up, but they still could be used for their original purposes — storing grain or ginger. Art IS forever and aren’t we glad of that!


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  3. calensariel

    Just the subject of this poem made me smile as it was so much like a word on a shirt my sister just gave me. The word was “Exhaustipated. Def: Just too tired to give a *hit!” That’s what the shirt says on the front. I nearly died when she gave it to me at CHURCH of all places! LOL)



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