Dogs following their masters, close upon their heels.
Dogs waiting under tables, patiently, for meals.
Dogs sitting at attention or looking for their balls.
Dogs patiently waiting for their masters’ calls.

Dogs upon the sofa, shedding all their hairs.
Dogs listening for a certain car, on the front porch stairs.
Some dogs travel as luggage. Others stay at home.
When masters get their leashes out, that’s when they get to roam.

Sitting on the rooftop or waiting in their lairs,
some dogs live as singles. Others roam in pairs.
Strolling ‘round the pool or sunning at the beach,
one dog or another is rarely out of reach.

Some dogs simply have to finish what they start.
First it’s just a little tug, but soon things fall apart.
Then they get in trouble for what was meant as fun.
That’s why they look so innocent after they are done!

Why were they given teeth at all If they weren’t meant to use them?
It wasn’t their intention, when they started, to abuse them!
Their collars and their leashes incite their excitation
as harbingers of their favorite recreation,

but other types of collars are labelled cones of shame.
Hard for dogs to understand that they are not to blame.
So many different types of dogs and different types of masters,
but all agree their good points atone for their disasters.

(Click on any photo to enlarge all.)


For Ragtag’s prompt, “Dog“.

9 thoughts on “Dogs

  1. MNL

    love the poem and all the rhyming (esp as rhyming is not my forte). Enjoyed the photo essay on the dogs. My favorite one is the little black dog chasing the ball on the beach — you can feel the dog’s happiness


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Thanks–spent a loooong time sorting through dog photos. The poem was actually written to go with the photos rather than the other way around. Opposite of how I usually do it.



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