Not Good Enough, America!!!

Not Good Enough, America!!!

Will they carve his effigy on  a golden coin
and use it for ill purposes, our country to purloin?
Will they pare back Utopia, and in their selfish carving
leave us all in danger? Leave the masses starving?
When there’s no way left to judge them, when justice has been bought,
will we all reach out too late for what we’ll wish we sought
much earlier, when there was a chance we could impeach
the ones who took Utopia farther from our reach?


The prompt words are danger, effigy, starve and Utopia.
dverse poets: Utopia

22 thoughts on “Not Good Enough, America!!!

    1. lifelessons Post author

      Why is it that the Democrats can’t come up with a shining star???? Would a black/hispanic female/ under 30/ sexy feminist woman possibly bring out the apathetic left-leaning voters in sufficient numbers to win the next presidential election, or just bring out more far right voters in their complete panic???

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        1. lifelessons Post author

          Too many problems to attack and it seems the immigration problem isn’t of concern enough, the environment isn’t of concern enough, cutting social security and medicare isn’t of concern enough. People just want revenge over our having the gall to elect a black president. They weren’t about to let us elect a woman!!! The internet has raised our anger so much that we just want to “stick it to” each other in spite of the huge dangers of losing democracy in the interim. We are all being distracted from the true danger–which is that, while being distracted by the internet and other pleasures, our country has been sold and the money certainly hasn’t gone into our pockets. So long as we are entertained, we are willing to look the other way. I guess it will take going hungry for people to attack the problem.

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  1. Marleen

    A big reason why there wasn’t a greater difference last night is the extreme gerrymandering Republican governors have done. With more Democrats elected as governors, as happened even if not as many as we wanted, it won’t be as difficult to overcome.

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