A few days ago I wrote a poem on my blog entitled “Black Friday.”  This creative animated film by Steve Cutts so perfectly illustrates it that I had to share it with you. Really inventive and indicative of our modern world.


8 thoughts on “Happiness???

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  2. Anne Copeland

    I so appreciate this. I hate malls, and hate these manipulations of emotions to get people to shop, shop, shop, especially when it fills up the landfills and pollutes the ground water too. I just rescued a whole bunch of youngster toys – a training bike, some blow-up rubber toys that were huge for a swimming pool, and a perfectly good baby car seat. I think of the damage that would have been done to the environment and also the wastefulness when there are children and babies who have virtually nothing. I am constantly going into the trash to pull out things that are still perfectly good and could be used. I shiver to think of the waste in America and how our economy is so shallow in its base. People are totally sold things based on their emotional responses to the ads, and by next year at this time, these things will find their ways into the trash, or if they are lucky, into the thrift stores. So sad. I have been researching the field of textiles, and should have something to contribute soon about the waste there. Even the upcycling that people of conscience do to try to help cannot begin to match the amount of waste. Thank you for these good articles, Carol. I am proud to wear used clothing that fits. It can be washed and mended, and I like that I am not being part of the “fashion crowd.” Thank you kindly!

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    1. Anne Copeland

      Oops, I am sorry, I meant Judy. I was looking at Carol’s posts about the environment too just before yours. You two have a lot in common. Thank you Judy. I meant all of this for you too.


      1. lifelessons Post author

        No problem, Anne. I went to a party and introduced my friend Brad as Bruce and couldn’t remember the name of either of the hosts, both of whom I knew very well. You at least had an excuse for the mixup. When people call me by the wrong name I just nod my head and answer. One man has been calling me Kay for 16 years! Ha.


    2. lifelessons Post author

      Once, when my husband was alive and we were living in the states, we ran into our neighbors backing out of their driveway. We asked where they were going and they said, “To the dump.” My husband said, “Oh, what are you going to get?” They looked at him quizzically and said, “We’re going to leave our garbage!” I had to laugh at the difference in viewpoints. My husband only went to the dump to see what he could scavenge to use in his art!



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