Your Dishwasher’s Advocate


Your Dishwasher’s Advocate

Cycle after cycle, they clean our dirty dishes
yet do we ever think about acceding to their wishes?
Maybe they, too, have appetites, and I sometimes think perhaps,
they were patiently waiting for their favorite scraps.

A bit of rich spaghetti sauce, a dollop of our mousse,
a little bit of buttered bread or rib eye’s savory juice
might have fulfilled their evening’s dreams or might have made their day,
But instead we diligently swab it all away!

No rich reward for faithful servants waiting for our scraps.
No satifsfactory searches for tidbits left in gaps.
And so they go another day, our faithful old machines,
without a taste of hamburgers or beets or nectarines.

They cannot live on water alone. Those soapsuds have no savor.
And so the next time when you scrape, please do your pal a favor.
Leave a few scraps on the plate. Don’t clean too well those tines.
Think about your faithful friend who oh too rarely dines.

Leave your dishwasher a tip—something on which to sup.
Leave wine dregs in your goblets and leave them facing up!
Leave rice grains in your rice bowl. Do not clear that sauce away.

Being less efficient, will make your Maytag’s day.

If your wife makes a kerfuffle over the job you do,
remind her it is you that’s here scraping off the goo.
Take her by the shoulders and deflect her view.
Your dishwasher is grateful for it every time you do!

9 thoughts on “Your Dishwasher’s Advocate

  1. Marilyn Armstrong

    Everyone want to put stuff IN the dishwasher, but no one ever wants to remove it. So we don’t use it. There’s just two of us and it’s faster to just wash it. And no bending to get that last cup from the back of the bottom!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I put them in and push the button. Yolanda removes them and puts them away. The worst part! Usually, though, I just wash them by hand as you do. For parties and company, the Maytag sure comes in handy, though.


    1. lifelessons Post author

      I’ve seen instructions on dishwashers that you should leave scraps to improve the performance of the built-in garbage disposal. This poem is right in line with the signature on my emails “Organized people are just too busy to look for things.” Both meant tongue-in-cheek.

      Liked by 1 person


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