Gloria and Friends

Click on first photo to enlarge all. Wouldn’t want to miss anything!

A girl can get accustomed to anything in time, even a family of squirrels moving into her new hairdo.  Mama, papa and baby.  Now abuela, as well.

22 thoughts on “Gloria and Friends

  1. momshieb

    These are fabulous!!!!! I have such a love/hate relationship with squirrels; they are absolutely amazing athletes, adorable beyond belief, but they sure can tear apart a bird feeder in no time flat. These pictures make me want to come down and do the same thing!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Ha… I can’t imagine how he trained these creatures. They were very docile and seemed not to be afraid.. even the baby. I’ve seen their family evolve over the past two years. At first he had one, then two, and this year they had a baby.


          1. Dangerspouse

            Yeah, how come? HOW COME?? This isn’t fair – my life is validated by the comments I get!

            Seriously though, this one has me stumped. I wonder if anyone else is having that problem? (It might explain why I only get a handful of comments these days despite still being the best, most entertaining blogger on the planet. Present company excluded, of course.)


          2. Dangerspouse

            Just a thought: when you click on my blog, is it bringing you to my homepage and you’re reading the latest entry from THAT page? If so, it won’t allow you to comment. You have to click the entry’s title to be brought to the page where you can leave comments.

            (I still stand by my observation though that I’m not getting enough comments for someone who is practically a god at this. What’s going on with my worshipers these days??)



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