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Four Days in La Manzanilla

Click on photos to enlarge and read captions.

Gloria’s Art and Photos

Gloria is home now but still doing her photo assignments. This is her last lovely batch.  Click on any photo to enlarge all.  I’m sure she’d enjoy hearing your impressions in the comments below. She doesn’t have a blog so I’m sharing these with you.

Gloria’s Assignment, Day 7

Gloria has actually taken photographs for more than seven days, but I’ve neglected to post some and combine others.  Here are her most recent shots:. I’m very curious about that first shot..any ideas about how she did it? Look for her six other photo shoots in earlier blogs, including an explanation about how this assignment came about.

Click on photos to enlarge.

Her Majesty: Gloria’s Assignment, Day 5

Gloria’s Assignment, Day 5


photo by Gloria Palazzo “Her majesty.”

Click on photo to enlarge. This is a sculpture from my garden photographed by Gloria as part of her daily assignment while staying with me. She says she may resume her photography when she goes home as she hasn’t done it for some years.  Lucky for us.

Gloria’s Assignment, Day 4

Though we’re at day 14 of Gloria’s assignments, we’ve fallen a bit behind in posting her daily photos so I’m just labeling them as I post them. She’s going home tomorrow but perhaps she’ll continue to post. This batch is very intriguing. Click on photos to enlarge.

Healing Gloria (and How to Easily Core a Strawberry)

The doctor says Gloria has to have 5 little meals a day, but naughty Gloria didn’t want to eat even three.  The solution? Culinary seduction. (Click on first photo to enlarge and see captions.)