The Self-made Woman


The Self-made Woman

Her metamorphosis complete, she found it all a bore.
No longer did she slurp her soup or lumber ‘cross the floor
when executing dancing moves like a gliding waltz.
She’d perfected her curtsy and all that other schmaltz
She had no real resentment for all that they had taught her,
but rather had a grudging sense that all these manners caught her
securely in a web of a great subterfuge she’d learned
simply to insure there was no way that she’d be spurned
when she chose to exercise her wiles on some poor chap
looking for a trophy wife to perch upon his lap.

And so the day she graduated, she set out to prove
that all these pretty charms were not all that might behoove
a clever girl in life, and she got her law degree,
opened up a practice and then set out to be
the smartest woman charm school ever set out on the path,
by adding jurisprudence and biology and math
to her former curriculum of poise and table setting,
thus curtailing some of her yachting and Corvetting,
by building a sure future dependent on her self
and turning into more than just a trophy on a shelf.


Today’s prompt words are lumber, resentment and metamorphosis.

5 thoughts on “The Self-made Woman

  1. drkottaway

    ….ah, I like it. I think everyone should learn as many skills as possible: chop wood, carry water, build a fire, first aid, deliver a baby, electrical wiring. I am worst at that last one! Joy to you!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      When I was married, we did everything, including electrical wiring. Now I have the pleasure of hiring people to do so even if I know how to do it myself. People need jobs, I tell myself, and I have earned my leisure.



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