Cruel Tranquility



Cruel Tranquility

Welp, I would not have chosen this ending to the story.
It is a sad conclusion—distressing, sad and gory.
The hummingbird, suspended in its helicopter flight,
was brought down from the air with one swift lethal bite.
It was my adorable kitten who stopped its blur of wings.
Tired of scratching posts and batting balls and chasing strings,
she chose a task more difficult—a target ever-moving,
an irresistible challenge but one hardly behooving
a tiny kitten noted for its playfulness and cuteness.
I fear I underestimated her extreme astuteness.
Now she rests in sunlight. Her quarry, limp and torn,
here upon my doormat, I survey, forlorn
over loss of this small creature—its sheer poetry of motion—
as well as this reminder that in garden, air or ocean,
one thing feeds upon another in a constant mortal chain
incredible in beauty, indivisible from pain,
even in a garden where I sought for peace to reign.


Prompt words for the day are flight, forlorn, adorable and welp.

13 thoughts on “Cruel Tranquility

  1. slmret

    How sad — that kitten is way too young to be hunting — but then hummingbirds are small and make good prey for small, agile kittens! It’s tough to be part of the food chain!


    1. lifelessons Post author

      Oh no.. Forgottenman has just informed me that the prompt word was “yelp” and not “welp!” This is the very first time I’ve ever even used the word and it turns out it was unnecessary!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. slmret

        I don’t think you’re alone — I actually left a similar comment about the sad side of nature on another blog that responded to the prompt! You could almost do a similar poem using “yelp” instead of “welp”! In any case, it was a great poem about a side of nature that’s all too common.

        Liked by 1 person

        1. lifelessons Post author

          Thanks, Janet. The funny thing was that I was bemoaning having to use the word since I’d never heard it before Forgottenman started using it and I thought it was just his personal word. I was hard-pressed to use it and alas, it was for naught. But, I couldn’t fit yelp in afterwards so just left it.

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